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Firetree Advisory’s goal is to manage the financial assets held in trust in line with our values along with that of ensuring strategic and financial support to our core philanthropic initiatives.

Firetree Advisory supports the philanthropic work of Starfish Education and Firetree Philanthropy by providing technical and operational support and by ensuring the legal compliance of all the group’s entities as well as their effective governance.


All of the Trust's philanthropic work  is based on a systemic-change approach build on empathy and is implemented and supported through Firetree Philanthropy and Starfish Education.


In managing the financial assets held in trust, Firetree strives to apply the same values that drive our philanthropy.


When the opportunity presents itself, we can allocate a portion of our assets to support social enterprises and/or value-aligned entrepreneurs by providing patient loans, lines of credit and other flexible financing mechanisms while refraining from adopting any "impact-investing labels" to this part of our work. We simply believe that when an opportunity arises, we must try our best to provide support in the most appropriate way.


We have recently selected a Singapore-based Investment Manager to manage a significant portion of our assets due to its principals' strong philanthropic focus as well as their investment philosophy.


We also continue to seek private investment opportunities in exciting initiatives led by founders and managements who share our values.


We play a hands-on role in our private investments, providing – when and as jointly agree  – technical and strategic support to our investees through Francesco and Michelle’s work.


Among our private investments are:


Ananda Immunotherapies SG Pte. Ltd. - (Singapore) - Research and Experimental Development on Medical Science


We Are Crane Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) - Social spaces and community for conscious living;


Bagosphere Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) - Human skills development platform that accelerates career readiness and career growth;

Eat Just, Inc(USA) - A food technology company with a mission to build a healthier, safer and more sustainable food system in our lifetimes


Lhoopa Inc. (Philippines) - Real estate investment firm, which uses its customised and proprietary technology to control and optimise the entire real estate cycle;


Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc. (Philippines) - A social enterprise that manufactures and sells natural and biodegradable household and personal care cleaners.

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