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Fran New

Francesco Caruso
CEO and Trusts Protector

Francesco heads the Investments Committee and, as Trusts' Protector, chairs the Boards of both Firetree Philanthropy and Starfish Education and approves grants and donations.
Francesco is also responsible for Governance and Compliance of all the entities part of the group.

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Michelle Lim.jpeg

Michelle Lim
Group CFO

Michelle oversees the financial management of the Group, monitors all our investments, supports - as required - the management of private companies in which Firetree has invested  and monitors the financial operations of all the organisations part the Group.

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Mark Cox
Group Operations Coordinator

Mark Cox provides operational support to every organization part of the Group.

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Nicky New

Nicky Wilkinson
Executive Director of Firetree Philanthropy Foundation

Nicky leads the external philanthropic work of the Firetree Group, developing partnerships with social impact organisations and fostering initiatives to support change-makers focused on working with some of the most marginalised communities in Asia.

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Starfish Education Foundation

Firetree Trust is not intended to exist in perpetuity, but rather to ensure that the assets it has been provided with (financial of course, but also any and all knowledge we have developed over the years) can be best put at the service of value aligned change-makers through the work of the Firetree Philanthropy Foundation, led by Nicky Wilkinson.

Starfish Education Trust was created after the dissolution of the Richard P. Haugland Foundation with the explicit goal to ensure the long-term financial viability of the work of Starfish Education in Thailand, led by Dr. Prae Seributra and implemented through two wholly controlled Thai entities: Starfish Education Foundation and Starfish Education Social Enterprise.

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